5 Best Secluded Anchorages in the BVI

Are you planning a Yacht Charter to the British Virgin Islands and wonder how you might find the ultimate secluded paradise? Then this article is for you. In contrast to many other popular charter destinations, the BVI remains relatively untouched by foreign investments, international resorts, and the pervasive presence of cruise ships. However, this does not mean that the BVI is a paradise you can have all to yourself.

Aerial view of Virgin Gorda Island in the British Virgin Islands. Virgin Gorda is a captivating gem renowned for its unspoiled beauty. This idyllic island boasts pristine beaches, hidden coves, and dramatic granite formations, including the iconic Baths. With a serene ambiance and turquoise waters, Virgin Gorda is a topdestinations for those seeking a tranquil escape amidst nature's exquisite canvas.

1. Eustatia Bay

Situated in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, Eustatia Bay is a haven for those seeking a charter experience away from the bustling crowds. Unlike more frequented anchorages, Eustatia Bay boasts a limited influx of visitors, providing a sense of seclusion and privacy. The bay’s calm waters and picturesque landscape contribute to a tranquil setting, making it an ideal spot for a more intimate charter experience.

One of the highlights of Eustatia Bay is its scenic views. The clear turquoise waters contrast against the lush greenery of the nearby islands, creating a visually captivating backdrop for charterers to enjoy. The bay’s exclusivity and limited accessibility add to its charm, attracting those who appreciate a quieter and more secluded atmosphere.

Accessing Eustatia Bay often requires a level of local knowledge or guidance, contributing to its more exclusive and secluded nature. Charterers with experienced crews can benefit from their expertise in navigating and enjoying the hidden gems of the area.
For those seeking a quiet evening ashore, Peter Island offers a luxury resort with dining options. The resort maintains a low-key atmosphere, complementing the peaceful ambiance of Great Harbour while providing an opportunity for a more refined onshore experience.

2. Great Habor, Peter Island

Great Harbor on Peter Island is a serene and picturesque anchorage known for its calm waters and tranquil atmosphere. This natural harbor provides a peaceful retreat, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a more secluded charter experience.

But Great Harbor does not only stand out not because of its tranquility but also for its historical significance. The island was once a private estate and plantation, contributing to its sense of exclusivity and charm. While the estate is no longer operational, remnants of its past, such as ruins and artifacts, add a layer of historical interest to the anchorage.

A Small and Sought After Destination

The BVI is a small and sought-after destination, and the quest for truly secluded and secret spots can be a little elusive. However, with a bit of research and a little local insight, it is possible to uncover anchorages that lie slightly off the beaten track and offer a little more privacy than the mainstream attractions.

This article delves into the expertise of seasoned sailors and charter professionals to identify the “10 Best Secluded Anchorages in the BVI.” Each location ensures not only maximum seclusion but also an immersion in the pristine beauty of the islands.

Panoramic view of Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda, BVI
Take the opportunity to enjoy an instructed yoga class on the beach as the sun begins its descent over the tranquil waters of the British Virgin Islands. Find balance and inner peace to the soothing sound of lapping waves, bathed in the warm colors of the sunset. This is not just a yoga session, but a moment to connect with the elements, rejuvenate your spirit, and savor the magic of this unique place.

Top 3 Things You Must try on your Yacht Charter to the BVI

3. Benures Bay, Norman Island

One notable feature of Norman Island is the legendary caves, such as the magnificent caves at Treasure Point in Privateer Bay and the popular “The Indians” located a little offshore the island. But these are very famous attractions and can therefore be overrun with people. This is where Benures Bay comes into the picture: Out of the way, but close enough to have access to these fantastic attractions, this is the perfect place to drop anchor for a bit more seclusion.

Boats moored at The Caves of Norman Island for snorkelling

Are there any Truly Hidden Spots in the BVI?

Marcelle Hailwax, a seasoned Charter Broker and former Yacht Chef in the BVI, offers a glimpse into the reality of the British Virgin Islands’ anchorages: “I would love to be able to say yes; there are slightly off the beaten track spots, but to say that you would be in a deserted bay would be absolutely lying.”

Drawing from her insights, let’s set our sights on a hidden gem suggested by Hailwax herself. If you manage to venture to the North Sound, she recommends the picturesque Eustatia Bay. “It’s really one of the most picturesque, beautiful areas in the BVI in my opinion. There is incredible snorkeling, and the sunsets from that side are absolutely spot on.”

Mo Pristas, Charter Yacht Guru with DMA Yachting, weighs in on the challenge of finding seclusion in a popular destination: “The BVI are not expandable, and the large number of boats need to go somewhere. So, that means you really want to pick an experienced crew that can select a location where you can have relative privacy.”

In the quest for that perfect anchorage, it becomes clear that the expertise of the crew plays a pivotal role in finding those moments of tranquility amidst the beauty of the British Virgin Islands.

Step ashore on the tiny desert Island. Sandy Spit is one of BVI’s tiny islets and a small piece of paradise. Drop anchor off the sandy beach and enjoy a brief walk and a swim on this stunning desert island.
For those seeking a quiet evening ashore, Peter Island offers a luxury resort with dining options. The resort maintains a low-key atmosphere, complementing the peaceful ambiance of Great Harbour while providing an opportunity for a more refined onshore experience.
A scuba diver swims over the bow of the ship wreck HMS Rhone. The RMS Rhone is a sunken UK Royal Mail ship that wrecked in a hurricane in 1867 killing 123 people. It is now a hotspot for divers who come to explore the well-preserved wreckage, teeming with marine life.
White Bay at Guana Island

4. White Bay, Guana Island

White Bay is known for its calm and protected waters, making it an excellent spot for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities. The underwater world around Guana Island is teeming with marine life, offering charterers a chance to explore vibrant coral reefs and encounter diverse aquatic species.

One of the unique features of Guana Island is its dedication to conservation and environmental sustainability. The island is home to a private eco-resort that operates with a commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area. While maintaining exclusivity, the eco-friendly practices contribute to the overall sense of harmony with nature.

5. Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island

Necker Island, situated in the British Virgin Islands, is a private island owned by British business magnate and founder of the ‘Virgin Group’ Sir Richard Branson. This exclusive destination is known for its luxurious accommodations, stunning natural beauty, and pristine surroundings.

Necker Island operates as a private island retreat, often rented out exclusively to individuals or groups. It offers an unparalleled level of privacy, making it a favorite among celebrities, high-profile individuals, and those seeking an exclusive escape.

It is possible to take your charter yacht to Necker Island, but it’s important to note that Necker Island is typically a private retreat and, as such, access is often restricted to exclusive bookings. If you are planning to visit Necker Island with your charter yacht, you would need to make arrangements in advance, coordinating with the island’s management and respecting any privacy or access restrictions in place.

Sir Richard Branson purchased Necker Island in 1978 for a mere $180,000, and it has since become a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. Over the years, Branson has transformed the island into a private retreat, not only for himself but also for high-profile guests, celebrities, and those seeking a lavish escape. Necker Island reflects Branson's passion for conservation, with ongoing efforts to preserve the natural beauty and diverse wildlife that inhabit the island.

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