What Makes the BVI a Sailing Mecca?

IDEAL SAILING CONDITIONS: The BVI is not just a truly stunning place to sail – it is a smart place to sail. With its consistent trade winds, protected waters and close proximity of the islands allowing for easy in-line-of-sight navigation, the BVI provides ideal sailing conditions!

*Novices and seasoned sailors alike find the conditions perfect for both leisurely cruises and exhilarating open-water experiences.

GREAT FOR ALL TYPES OF VESSELS: Whether you’re sailing on a sleek catamaran, a classic monohull, or a luxurious motor yacht, the BVI accommodates all types of vessels, offering an expansive playground for sailing enthusiasts.

WELL-EQUIPPED MARINAS: On top of its perfect sailing setting, the BVI takes it one more step with a great nautical infrastructure well-equipped with marinas, tons of great anchorages, public moorings and convenient facilities and services for visiting sailors and charter guests.

PROTECTED ANCHORAGES: The BVI’s geography provides numerous protected anchorages, ensuring a peaceful and secure environment for yachts of all sizes. From bustling hotspots to serene coves, there’s a perfect anchorage for every preference.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Virgin Gorda Island is home to The Baths. This is a definite must on your BVI holiday. The iconic boulders and turquoise lagoon make this one of the most picturesque snorkeling sites in the BVI.
Secluded Beach in the British Virgin Island with turquoise ocean
The beaches in the British Virgin Islands are simply fantastic. You've got the famous ones like White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, known for its lively atmosphere, and quieter spots like Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda, perfect for a more tranquil escape. Whatever your vibe, the BVI beaches have you covered—from vibrant beach bars to serene hidden coves, it's a sun-soaked paradise for beach lovers.

EASY ISLAND HOPPING: With over 60 islands and cays in close proximity, the BVI invites yacht enthusiasts to embark on captivating island-hopping adventures. Each destination offers its unique charm, from the bustling harbors to secluded anchorages.

WORLD-CLASS SAILING EVENTS: The BVI also hosts several World-Class Sailing Events such as the BVI Spring Regatta, attracting sailors and maritime enthusiasts from around the globe, adding a vibrant and competitive spirit to the sailing culture in the BVI.

STUNNING LANDSCAPES AND PRISTINE WATER: Yachts cruising through the BVI are treated to breathtaking vistas of dramatic coastlines, pristine beaches, and secluded bays. The crystal-clear water and vibrant marine life further enhance the allure of the sailing experience.

GREAT HOSPITALITY: One thing that should not go unmentioned is the BVI’s warm hospitality: The local community in the BVI is known for its warm and welcoming attitude towards sailors, creating an inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall sailing experience.

Tortola BVI

Here is a list of 6 top marinas in the BVI

  1. Nanny Cay Marina (Tortola): A full-service marina with amenities like restaurants, shops, and a boatyard, Nanny Cay is a popular choice for sailors. It also hosts events and regattas.
  2. Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina (Scrub Island): This private island resort features a modern marina with first-class facilities, upscale accommodations, and multiple dining options.
  3. Bitter End Yacht Club (Virgin Gorda): While the resort itself suffered damage in 2017 hurricanes, the marina has been operational. It offers a picturesque setting and excellent services.
  4. Leverick Bay Marina (Virgin Gorda): Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Leverick Bay Marina provides a range of services, including restaurants, shops, and a freshwater pool.
  5. Soper’s Hole Marina (West End, Tortola): Situated in a picturesque bay, Soper’s Hole offers a variety of services, including provisioning, restaurants, and shops, making it convenient for sailors.
  6. Village Cay Marina (Road Town, Tortola): Located in the heart of Road Town, Village Cay Marina provides easy access to the town’s amenities, including shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.
Map of the British Virgin Islands
Nanny Cay Marina, located on Tortola in the BVI, is one of the BVI's most popular yachting destination with modern facilities, boatyard services, and accommodations. Featuring restaurants, bars, and event hosting, it offers a vibrant atmosphere for sailors and visitors. The marina's proximity to Road Town and scenic surroundings make it a popular choice for a well-supported and enjoyable stay in the British Virgin Islands.

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In essence, the British Virgin Islands offer an all-encompassing sailing experience, making it the perfect destination for a diverse fleet of yachts. Whether you seek a leisurely cruise, a challenging open-water adventure, or a mix of both, the BVI stands as a quintessential sailing haven for yachts of every kind.

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